The name ZERMA comes from the German word zerkleinerungsmaschinen, meaning crushing machine. Since the company was founded in 1943, this has remained our mission.

ZERMA has traditionally focused on the development and production of size reduction machinery for the plastics industry. However, today ZERMA has expanded into related industries such as tire recycling, e-waste and wood recycling. Our core strength lies as a machinery and component producer. As such we are an ideal partner for systems integrators and OEM projects.

We remain committed to the improvement and development of size reduction machinery. The ZERMA product consists of three main machine types; granulators, shredders and pulverizers.

Our granulator product lines cover a full range of sizes and applications. We start from the slow speed, beside the press models of the GSL Series, and the compact soundproofed granulators of the GSC Series. These machines are commonly used in injection, blow molding, and extrusion applications. The large GSH Heavy Duty Granulators are also used in these applications as well as high throughput operations and demanding post consumer recycling.

Our second machine category is the Zerma Single Shaft Shredders. Again, we are able to cover a wide range of applications. We offer the small ZBS Series for purgings, the ZSS and ZIS Series for general applications, and the ZXS Series to achieve high throughputs. Our shredder offering also includes the ZWS Series for wood and regenerative fuels.

An important milestone was the development of the ZRS Pipe Shredder Series. These machines allow the processing of pipes with up to 1200 mm diameter and 6 m length without the need for pre-cutting. There is no comparable product available on the market today.

The ZERMA PM Series pulverizers are produced for extrusion and rotational molding applications. We offer a complete range of machines as well as evacuation and screening equipment to insure quality of the finished product.

ZERMA also offers machines for specialized markets. This includes ZHM Series hammer-mills and GRF Series compact granulators fitted with roller feeding devices.

The most recent addition to the ZERMA family of products is the ZTS Tire Shredding System. These machines are designed to process used car and truck tires. We offer complete systems to produce separated crumb or powder.

In order to better service our customers in different markets, we have established ZERMA-Europe, ZERMA-UK, ZERMA-Thailand, ZERMA-North America, ZERMA-Latin America and ZERMA Australasia. These subsidiaries work with more than 100 agencies world wide to ensure quick delivery, optimal service, and timely support. We call it the ZERMA family.


  • 1943: founding of ZERMA in Radebeul, Germany
  • 1995: Move to Sinsheim, Germany
  • 1999: Founding of ZERMA Shanghai and start of production in China
  • 2001: Founding of ZERMA Thailand to support the South East Asian market
  • 2002: Start of cooperation with harbor group in the U.S.
  • 2002: Founding of ZERMA UK
  • 2008: Founding of ZERMA Latin America
  • 2010: Founding of ZERMA Australasia
ZERMA facility in Shanghai


The main production and engineering facility for ZERMA machines is based in Shanghai. All ZERMA machines are developed and manufactured here by an international team of experienced engineers in close cooperation with our partners and customers.

Everything is manufactured by ourselves, we are avoiding suppliers and out sourcing wherever possible. This has only be made possible by modern machining centres and experienced and well trained staff. This independence makes it possible to quickly develop and test prototypes for our R&D team.

Quality control is an integral part of the manufacturing process, our team of inspectors controls all production steps and makes sure each machine is tested with its original voltage and frequency before leaving the factory. All machines are manufactured to comply with the national safety standards and guidelines of the customer.

In order to improve delivery times for the customer and accommodate special needs basic machines can be customized according to the requirements by our subsidiaries from their stock of standard machines.

Shredder Rotor being machined
CNC controlled Plasma cutting table
In House electrical engineering